The Culture

The Culture (Kulturen) 

Director: Ernst De Geer

Writer: Emanuel Nordrum

Producer: Marte Hansen

When Arvid’s sister hogs the spotlight he craves, his worst sides are revealed and he begins to sabotage both her night and his own.

Nominations and awards

Next Nordic Generation Nominated under the filmfestival in Haugesund, Norway.

Winner of best short film, BIFF Bergen International filmfestival Norway

Winner of FIBRESCI-award (critics award) 24th international short film festival in Drama, Greece

Winner of Best short film Boston Filmfestival

Asiana Int. Short Film Festival Nominated under the filmfestival in South Korea

Stockholm film festival Honorable mention under 1 km film

Leuven Short film festival Nominated European Competition

The music

I wrote the orchestra piece, the piano piece and the score music for this film.

The orchestra music is played by Trondheim Symphony Orchestra with Halldor Krogh as producer and Øystein Halvorsen did the recording/mix.

Piano: Elena Reznikova

Cello: Elisabeth Teigen Høghaug

Percussion: Christian Lotvonen Berg

Violin: Mira Aas.

The director himself played inside the piano and it is used in the film.

The recordings and mixing of the score music was done by Per Christian Berg in Audioskop studio and the Grand piano was recorded by Rune Berg.

You can find pictures from all the recordings under Gallery