Work in progress

Work in progress

Through a labyrinth of endless corridors behind closed doors, we follow a group of dancers who each in their own way express different forms of mental challenges. The short film “Isolation” (working title) addresses the topic of mental health among young people and young adults.

I have been working on the music for this short film a while as it is the first element that must be in place before the dancers make their choreography. Cant wait to tell more about this project.

Amanda nomination The Culture 2019

Amanda nomination The Culture 2019

The Culture is nominated to Amanda Award 2019. The Amanda Award is an award given annually at the Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund, Norway, to promote and improve Norwegian film. The award originated in 1985, and has since 2005 been exclusively a film award. Winners are awarded a trophy by the Norwegian sculptor Kristian Kvakland, and the name—and theme—of the sculpture comes from a legendary local woman from the 1920s. The award ceremony is marked every year by a major, nationally televised, event.The Culture is nominated to Amanda Award 2019.

These are the nominated for Best short film

The Culture — Produced by Marte Hansen for The Norwegian Film school, director Ernst De Geer

She-Pack — Produced by Lotte Sandbu for the Norwegian Film school, director Fanny Ovesen

Hæstkuk — Produced by Ragna Midtgard for Mer Film, director Aasne Vaa Greibrokk

The Culture won in Palm Springs

The Culture won in Palm Springs

The Culture won a price in Palm Springs

AND THE WINNER IS: The Culture for the Vimeo Staff Pick Award!

Selected by Vimeo curators. Films featured in competition are eligible for the award, which includes a $2,500 cash prize.

The Culture is now a Vimeo Staff Pick and has gone world wide

Check it out:

Herbert Nordrum
Kathrine Thorborg Johansen
Eric Ericson
Stina Rautelin

Director: Ernst De Geer
Screenplay: Emanuel Nordrum 
Producer: Marte Hansen 
Cinematographer: Jørgen Klüver 
Production designer: Mie Gjersen Hansen 
Editor: Mathilde Fridlund 
Sound designer: Valeria Quezada 
Music: Ann-Mari Pettersen
Costume designer: Emma Dock
VFX Supervisors: Ruben André Lorås & Simen Tystad Tunold
Colorist: Raymond Gangstad

A thesis film from The Norwegian Film School.