Ann-Mari Pettersen

Composer of music for film and documentary.

Ann-Mari started playing the flute and composing at an early age. She was mentored in classical composition techniques by the Norwegian composer Bjørn Sverre Kristensen for many years
and in 2015 she studied music production at Noroff, School of technology and digital media where she found her passion for music and film. In 2017 Ann-Mari continued her education in
Film music at Lillehammer under professor in film music Halldor Krogh. Through this school she has had the opportunity to work closely with directors and write music for both The Norwegian
radio orchestra and Trondheim Symphony orchestra.

Through her work as a film composer she has developed knowledge in many musical genres and her background in classical music, focus on melodies and often electronic combinations
makes her stand out as a composer. She has written music for award winning short films with directors as Ernst De Geer, Petter Holmsen, Anine Wiesner Barg and Liv Mari Ulla Mortensen.
“The Culture” directed by Ernst De Geer attended festivals all over the world, won 8 international awards and was nominated for the Amanda award in 2019. She is currently working on a short
film about mental health amongst young adults “Isolation” and has just started working on her own composition project “Reconciliation” to premiere in 2022.

Work in progress


Dance film

Director: Iselin Saga


To premiere 2022

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