Dandelion mun

Dandelion mum (Løvetannmamma)

Directed by Barbora Hollan

When Ivana got bone marrow cancer, she was told she only has 2-3 years to live. But instead of listening to the doctors, she got resilient. 11 years later, she’s working as a visiting scientist at Harvard. But despite surviving against all odds, she is now caught in a bureaucratic system, and torn between staying in the US to get her treatment or returning back home to be with her family.


Best short documentary Nominated The International Filmfestival in Bergen

 The music                                 

The music is a collaborative between Irene Tillung and me. We wrote for accordion, violin, cello and piano.

Accordion: Irene Tillung

Violin: Mira Aas

Cello: Elisabeth Høghaug Teigen

Piano: Elena Reznikova

The recordings and mixing where done by Per Christian Berg in Audioskop studio.